Jacques Riopel
Jacques Riopel

A year of growth

La Mutuelle des municipalités du Québec has flourished at lightning speed since its inception. We have grown without ever losing sight of our Mutual Members, the reason for our existence. In fact, all the decisions we have taken throughout the years had a sole purpose: meeting all of your expectations while maintaining an excellent financial position. As we look back over the past twelve months, we can say that we brilliantly rose to the challenge.

For example, last December, the Board of Directors approved the most important experience refund of the MMQ’s entire history for a total return of 5 million dollars. Thanks to our rigorous financial management and mutualistic approach, we have been able to provide 27.5 million dollars in experience refund since 2008.

It must be noted that these results were achieved through your concerted efforts to help us manage municipal risks in such a way as to maintain the quality of your insurance record.

Again this year, many of you took advantage of the MMQ’s expertise in the management of municipal risks, especially through our free training activities. I would also like to mention that in 2016, the MMQ renewed its training partnership with associations from the municipal sector to expand our service offer in this field.

Sound governance practices

Always wishing to maintain sound management practices in compliance with the highest international standards, the Board of Directors has started to review many of the MMQ’s policies in 2016, especially in view of complying with the Insurance Guidelines.

Consistent with the established schedule, the Board reviewed our Reinsurance Risk Management Policy to ensure that the rules governing our safety net in case of significant claims would totally meet its needs. The Board took this opportunity to align its policy with other policies by including the roles and responsibilities of the Board and senior management.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors truly believes that the MMQ’s activities need to be conducted in compliance with sustainable development principles. To that effect, members of the Board adopted the updating of our Sustainable Development Policy which provides strategic orientations and objectives with regard to the MMQ’s activities.

2017, a year of great expectations

Our survey’s excellent results are a true source of motivation. We appreciate your trust and will rely on this token of confidence to start drafting our future three-year plan in the months to come.

As we are sailing new seas, this sense of novelty, this new energy and this know-how we have acquired over the years will allow us to reach new heights.

I am proud of the road we have travelled and of all that we have successfully accomplished throughout this impressive journey.

Finally, I wish to thank members of the MMQ’s Board of Directors who are leaving us and welcome their successors.