François Dufault
François Dufault


Again this year, La Mutuelle des municipalités du Québec (MMQ) continued to grow while maintaining its privileged status as the Number One Insurer in the municipal sector. We have expanded our insurance offer and free complementary services to make sure we would meet all your needs. We have listened to you carefully and continued to aim for excellence!

Therefore, we are very proud to see that our efforts have brought great results at the end of 2016.


Surpassed objectives

Throughout 2016, we have continued to implement the projects we had put forward in our three-year strategic plan: Horizon 2018, and whose major goals were first to pursue our profitable growth and secondly the maintenance of a generous experience refund for our Mutual Members. We are proud to say that we have met and even surpassed the goals we had set for 2016.

At the MMQ, 2016 was a year of excellence. First, we have welcomed 16 new Mutual Members, therefore bringing to 1,064 the number of municipalities, intermunicipal boards and RCMs part of MMQ’s membership. As a matter of fact, it is the highest number of members since the foundation of our great company.

We have also exceeded our objectives in terms of financial performance. In fact, at the end of 2016, we have been able to pay the most significant experience refund of our history in the amount of $5,000,000. As at December 31, 2016, the written net premiums had reached $39,300,000, a 3% increase with respect to last year. Our Mutual Members’ loyalty and all the new members joining us in 2016 have definitely contributed to our growth and our retention rate of 99.8%.

The net earned premiums totalled $32,300,000 at the end of our fiscal year. With our investment revenues reaching close to $1,000,000, our total revenues amounted to $33,300,000, representing a $1,600,000 increase compared to last year.

As is the case for any property and casualty insurance company, the MMQ’s most significant expenses are related to claims. However, the MMQ’s results at this level were again very satisfactory with a net claims experience rate reaching 49.2% at the end of 2016, 1% lower than last year. The MMQ succeeded in achieving a very positive claims experience rate due to its risks diversification and efforts in risk management for its Mutual Members.

In line with the commitment we took in 2015, we have invested 4% of our gross written premiums in services offered to our Mutual Members. Our fiscal year’s results before experience refund to Mutual Members reached $6,300,000 in comparison with $6,100,000 last year. After deduction of the record experience refund paid to Mutual Members totalling $5,000,000, net and comprehensive income results attributable to Mutual Members totalled $1,300,000 for the year ended December 31, 2016. This amount was added to the Mutual Members’ equity at the end of 2016.

Our Mutual Members’ satisfaction

As a representative of Québec municipalities, our knowledge of our Mutual Members’ priorities and needs as far as insurance and complementary services are concerned is essential. Therefore, we have retained the services of an external firm to conduct a survey at the end of 2016 to measure our Mutual Members’ satisfaction rate and get some insight on their expectations and concerns.

This approach was in direct line with our wish to continue to offer services of the utmost quality. The survey’s results revealed that 99% of our Mutual Members were satisfied with the services the MMQ is offering. Also, 100% of respondents stated they would recommend the MMQ.

We have welcomed this vote of confidence with great humility. These most encouraging results are evidence of our teams’ excellent work and the relevance of our organisation. These results serve as motivation to maintain such a level of excellence and energy, proof once again that the MMQ is much more than an insurer.

The MMQ, much more than an insurer

Over the past year, the MMQ processed more than 2,700 new claims. Our Indemnity Department is committed to supporting its Mutual Members in the overall processing of claims settlement whatever the deductible. We also assist Mutual Members requiring our help for cases filed with the Small Claims Court. These services are what distinguishes the MMQ from the industry.

Another distinguishing feature is the free services we offer in terms of risk management. Strongly convinced of their benefits for Mutual Members, the MMQ has invested $1,600,000 in 2016, thanks to which we have been able to continue offering and improving our existing services in terms of risk management.

We have also awarded prizes at the Eleventh Edition of the Mérite MMQ for risk management. Since 2006, we have therefore returned more than $220,000 to 36 prize-winners for their targeted initiatives. Our Mutual Members’ active involvement in managing risks is an undeniable factor of our success.

Since training is one of the best means to prevent risks, we have established a comprehensive training schedule in the classroom or in the form of webinars, most of which were developed in cooperation with various associations in the municipal sector.

Furthermore, last spring, we have set up our new legal assistance service. From now on, two lawyers specializing in municipal law will be offering consultations and legal counselling as well as advice concerning the application of certain regulations and contractual relationships. In 2017, our legal assistance service will respond to requests concerning access to information.

The MMQ is working proactively to deploy a service offer adapted to the changes happening as much at the municipal level than in our society in general. For example, the catastrophic events related to climate change have forced us to develop a comprehensive response plan in case of natural disaster or any other catastrophe. We have prepared ourselves to intervene in view of offering you quick, efficient and structured support in the event of a worse-case scenario.

A promising future

Our Mutual Members’ needs are in constant evolution. For the MMQ, this means that we have an obligation to adapt ourselves and break new ground.

For this reason, we will be launching in April 2017, a new coverage to provide a more suited protection when dealing with cyber risks. As well, we will maintain a proactive approach in view of developing new coverages meeting the needs of our Mutual Members with regard to municipal insurance.

Finally, in the year to come, we will continue to carry out the projects conceived in our strategic plan. Also, we will start reflecting on our future in view of drafting our next three-year plan. Even if the content of our strategic plan is yet to be developed, our destination is already known: excellence.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all our collaborators, partners and employees who work relentlessly to make sure that the MMQ is this dynamic, forward-looking, customer-oriented company which is the pride of its Mutual Members. To all our Mutual Members, I say thank you for your trust. It is truly a privilege to support you in reaching tremendous heights and be part of your various accomplishments.